PROCESS: Towards Exascale Data Processing

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PROCESS is an EU project that provides useful open source software for supercomputing and promotes collaboration between data centres. The software makes applications and tools interchangeable, portable and compatible with almost all HPC systems.


MaiMUC: Supercomputing XXS

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Maypoles have a long tradition in Bavaria – in many villages they are set up on the market square on 1 May or at Whitsun with brass music and dance. … Read more


HPAI: Intersecting HPC and AI

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As everywhere in research, scientists at CERN, the largest nuclear research centre in Europe, are investigating the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to identify particles generated … Read more


Astrophysics Visualization Record Breaker

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Blue clouds and green clumps embodying gas structures, or a silver-orange mixture representing magnetic fields: these stunning images illustrate the course of interstellar turbulence. For the first time, a team … Read more